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Your Professional Pet Sitters in The Woodlands, TX

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Catering Critter Sitters!

Pet Sitter Services

We proudly serve The Woodlands, TX and some surrounding areas. Please include your location when contacting us in order for us to confirm we offer pet sitter or dog walker services your area.  

Daily Dog Walking (30 min or 45 min):

  • Exercise for your pets 

  • Fresh water and treats

  • Lots of love always included in every visit

Pet Care Visits (30 min, 45 min, or 60 min):

  • Professional loving care of your pet(s) while you are away
  • Exercise for your pet(s) 
  • Cuddles and conversation at each visit
  • ​Clean up of any accidents at each visit
  • Maintaining a clean and fresh litter box
  • Feeding and watering per usual routine
  • Administering medication as needed
  • Small animal cage cleanup

Complimentary Services:

  • Home security checks 
  • Newspaper, mail, and packages brought inside 
  • Watering plants (within reason)
  • Lights, curtains, and blinds alternated upon request
  • Garbage/recyclable cans taken out to curb and brought in
  • Pool water level maintained and skimmers emptied

Additional services:

  • Lockout visits - we can provide entry to your home if you accidentally lock yourself out.
  • Pet taxi (pricing will depend on time and mileage)
  • Special needs animals
  • Newborn puppy and kitty checks
  • Litterbox cleanup for expectant mothers
  • Other pet services needed?  Just ask, maybe we can help you or help you find someone who can

House Sitting:

We can make several visits to your home and make sure all is as it should be. It is a terrible end to a great trip to come home to the mess and expense of damage caused by pipes or water heaters, fallen trees in your yard, or dead plants.  Services can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Watering your plants
  • Winding your Grandfather Clock
  • Checking mail and bringing in packages
  • Alternating lights and window coverings
  • Maintaining pool water level and emptying skimmers and Polaris bags
  • Bringing in/out garbage and recyclable cans​

We are not a security or home protection company, but we can and do provide many services to our Catering Critter Sitter clients. Often a home that looks lived in and has normal activity occurring deters crime.  We can act as a contact person for you when you are away if there is an attempt to break in and the alarm is tripped.