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"We have used Catering Critter Sitters for many years and always have peace of mind when we travel! Thank you Ann, Missy, and Barbara!"  Susan W.

"Catering Critter Sitters have been our pet sitters for almost ten years. They provided the most loving, compassionate and professional care to our Golden Retriever, Rusty. They are prompt, courteous and completely trustworthy. I never had a problem arranging care for Rusty, even on last minute notice. Rusty loved Ann and Missy and we know they loved him back. We always knew he was in good hands and being spoiled while we were away, which was important to us. I still remember the first time we left him - I called Ann everyday and she was so sweet to tell us although he missed us, he was doing just fine. They also are very helpful in keeping our house safe, taking care of deliveries and dealing with the garbage carts. We recently were faced with the process of having to put Rusty to sleep. Ann took the time out of her busy schedule to come tell Rusty "goodbye". He was so excited to see her, which confirmed what we already knew - they are the best. We will continue to use them to feed our fish and as "house sitters" when we are out of town. They have been an incredible asset to our busy lives and more importantly, they took care of our dog just as well (and sometimes better) than we did."  Gary and Connie

"Catering Critter Sitters has been a gift to our family. She has taken care of our two dachshunds with loving care and has also watched our home when we travel. Ann is professional, reliable, and trustworthy. And our dogs adore her!"  Kathie A.

What our clients say...

"Roxanne was so sweet to our fur baby and was so flexible when we needed to make changes with our schedule. I would definitely recommend using them!"  Gina G.
"These women care about your pets. They leave a detailed report each visit. They also take good care of your home. I recommend them highly!" Barbara G

"Catering Critter Sitters has an awesome team of ladies who genuinely care for my dog. I can tell by the notes they leave each day after a midday walk that they not only take care of basics but provide her with lots of attention and love. My husband and I both have long work days, and this is by far the best solution to ensuring our dog isn’t adversely impacted. I also send our dog to them for overnight stays when we are out of town – she loves going to nanny camp. When they come to pick her up, she doesn’t even look back – and that is absolute peace of mind."  Ivy A.

"Ann has cared for my 2 Standard Poodles and 3 cats for the last few years when we're out of town. In addition to providing for their physical needs, she gives plenty of TLC, as well. They all seem very content when we return home, not stressed out from boarding in a kennel facility."  Carmen B.

"We've been using Critter Sitters for quite a while. When we leave, it's with complete peace of mind, knowing our Pets are well cared for and loved. Our pets are happier in their own home, than a kennel. And the house is also looked after. I highly recommend Catering Critters to anyone, who loves their pets." Barbara R.

"Ann and Missy, you have taken pet and house sitting to a new level! In more than 40 years of travel, we’ve used many pet sitters, all of them good but none to compare with Catering Critter Sitters. It is such a gift to leave home for weeks at a time without the slightest worry about the home front. Knowing our kitties will receive plenty of affectionate cuddling every day has allowed us to vacation without guilt. We wouldn’t consider leaving our pets, plants and our home in the care of anyone else." Dianne L.

"They are the best, my dogs love them and I have peace of mind every time I leave town...which is often, believe I belong to the frequent pet sitters club. They came into my life just a year ago and have no idea how I would have functioned the last 12 months without them. They're my 3 dogs "other mothers". Do not hesitate to hire Critter will be the best thing you have done for your pets and yourself."
Kris M.

Catering        Critter Sitters

Your Professional Pet Sitters in The Woodlands, TX

​"We have been using Catering Critter Sitters for four years now and could not be happier. Anne and Missy give our three cats lots of love and attention while here doing a thorough job of the day to day stuff..and when we arrive home from a trip they are never whiny or seem like they have been neglected. They are very professional, trustworthy and darn good at what they do. I have recommended them to many of my friends. One does not need to be worrying about their pets while on vacations, and they take the worry right out. They have always been there when we need them, which is often :)."  Susan H.
"Prior to moving to The Woodlands 3 1/2 years ago, we would always travel with our dogs, which in itself is a challenge. Sometimes it would limit where we were able to go and what we were able to do. Our German Shepherd mix is not able to be boarded due to having a history of seizures, so when I saw the advertisement in a local magazine for Catering Critter Sitters I gave them a call and the rest is history... Ann and Missy are WONDERFUL! Our dogs are a very large part of our family and I feel completely confident having Ann and Missy watch them. Both dogs have been on medication in the past and have required some extra TLC. Ann and Missy take such great care of them and I love reading the notes they leave for us after each visit! I recently witnessed the love Honey has for Missy when we were running late for out trip and Missy showed up to take care of the dogs. Honey was sooooo happy to see her and was crying like she does for my husband and me. I always knew they had a very special relationship! Ann and Missy are so accommodating and are always available for me to send them a quick text to check in on the dogs. I would highly recommend them to anyone!​"  Jennifer N.
"Critter Sitters' are a thoroughly professional and caring company that have looked after my three cats on many occasions. They check in advance to ensure a complete handover and they leave a daily written log/ check-list of their visit and how the pets were. Recently we were away for almost a month and one of my cats required twice daily medication that Critter Sitters were able to administer. We were able to email for updates / queries. Also for prolonged periods away, it was reassuring to know that somebody was keeping an eye on the house, collecting the mail and generally observing for any problems. I also think that Critter Sitters rates are very reasonable, especially as I have three animals. Many of my friends ask me why I don't check the cats into a Pet Hotel when we have to travel. I feel very strongly that cats, in particular, need to be in their own space / territory and not confined in an 'aquarium'. The house may be quiet and lonely with nobody at home, but there is space to run around and play, windows to look out of and the cats will be at the door the moment Critter Sitters put they key in the lock."  Fiona W.
"Roxanne is the best ever! My cats adore her. I am able to enjoy my time away because I know my girls are in the best hands possible. Thanks Roxie!"  Pam L.
"I've used Catering Critter Sitters for years. They always take good care of my sweet MiMi and my home. They are great! Your pets will love them as much as we do!"  Cynthia C.
"My cats ADORE Ann and the crew at Catering Critter Sitters. They go above and beyond giving my cats the love they need while I'm out of town...they also give me peace of mind while I'm away (hurricanes, burst sprinkler pipes...they've helped me through it all!) Thank you Ann!!"  Michelle P.